Terms of delivery


Whenever you buy tickets from Liveto always check both the ticket’s and event’s information during the purchase. PURCHASED TICKETS WON’T BE REFUNDED AFTERWARDS. The event organizer is responsible for the event and its possible cancellation or chances in the program as well as value added tax such as it is provided by law.

Purchased tickets will be automatically sent to the email given within the order. The email will include a receipt and attached tickets in PDF format. You can print your ticket or show it from your phone’s screen at the event.

You will also receive a separate payment confirmation from Stripe. This payment confirmation is not a ticket to the event. Liveto does not send printed tickets.

Liveto's role

Liveto’s role is to operate only as a ticket intermediary service. Liveto or the event organizer will not substitute for lost event tickets. If customers has lost their ticket, Liveto on case by case basis deliver a new ticket so that the old lost ticket will be nullified. Customers are obliged to check the event’s information on Liveto’s website and make sure that the event hasn’t been cancelled. Liveto doesn’t have a reservation system for the tickets.

If an event is delayed or cancelled the ticket fee will not be refunded. Liveto will inform the customers about event cancellations if they occur. However the event organizers are mainly responsible for informing about the cancelled events.

Ticket pricing

The ticket price that is announced on the event page or Liveto’s website is the final price. Our tickets don’t include any extra fees but only the ticket fees to cover the payment transactions and our employees’ salaries. The ticket fees are priced in a way that it’s simple and fair for everyone.

Ticket fees

Ticket price 1,00€-19,99€ + ticket fee 1,50€

Ticket price 20,00 € or more + ticket fee 2,50€

Delivery fees are not our thing!

Special tickets and purchasing limits

If there are special priced tickets available to an event the possessor of the ticket has to prepare to bring forth a document that allows you to the given special price when entering the event. The orders are valid until the given due date. Reselling tickets is unforbidden without Liveto’s permission. If there is a purchasing limit to an events’ tickets Liveto has the right to nullify tickets that exceed the purchase limit in question.

If you have any questions please contact our customer service via asiakaspalvelu@liveto.fi or 029-1800280.