Ticket fees

For every bought ticket Liveto will only charge the ticket fee that is added on the ticket price that the event organizer has set. There are no hidden expenses for either event organizers or consumers.

The fees scale with the price of the ticket which is simple for both customer and event organizer.  The ticket fee is added on the ticket’s price which will be paid by the consumer. The ticket fees are explained below:

  • Organizer wants the ticket to cost 1,00 € – 19,99 € --> ticket fee 1,50€ will be added to the total price
  • Organizer wants the ticket to cost 20 € or more --> ticket fee 2,50€ will be added to the total price

Consumer will only have to pay for the ticket fee. We don’t do delivery fees.

No delivery fees

Tickets bought from Liveto will be delivered by email which is why we cannot see any reason to charge for delivery service separately. Tickets will be sent automatically right after the purchase is made.

The ticket prices that are announced on the event page are the final prices which the consumer will be charged for. We want our service to be transparent and just to all – for both event organizers and consumers.




The event organizer and events will be taken good care of.
Hannu Sormunen / Robin


It was a pleasure to work with Liveto's team.
Hannele Nuotio /
Tampereen Messut Oy


Liveto enables ticket sales with just and profitable pricing.
Jere Kattelus / Olutsatama


Best customer service ever.
Timo Lampén /
Nordic Fight Expo